The Best Way to Store Harvested Iris Flowers in Minnesota

Iris flowers are among the most beautiful cultivated flowers, adding a touch of refined elegance to the garden with their large, intricate blooms in a rainbow of colors. Growing from stored roots known as rhizomes, most varieties have excellent cold resistance up to Zone 3, meaning they can easily overwinter in place without damage. To ensure successful storage of these delicate flowers, it is important to clean, dry and dust them first, wrap them up to protect them, and maintain cool temperatures.The ideal temperature for curing is between 65 and 70°F. To store the rhizomes of the iris, wrap each one in a piece of newspaper and place it in a box.

Place the box in a cool, dark, dry place with constant temperatures between 40 and 50°F. Temperatures below 35°F can kill rhizomes, while temperatures above 50°F can cause moisture loss and dehydration.Every few weeks, check the rhizomes of the iris to make sure they haven't rotted. If any start to rot, discard them so that the fungus doesn't transfer to any other rhizomes in the box. Instead of storing the sachet in a cool, dry place to prevent the seeds from germinating too soon and from drying out, let the rhizomes of the iris stay in the sun for a day or two until they are dry to the touch.By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your harvested iris flowers will remain healthy and vibrant for years to come.